Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Anne Whiteman's Art - Red Bluff, California

(Logo designed by Anne Whiteman)
The Local Art Association in Red Bluff

The Red Bluff Art Association has been in existence since 1956.

Anne Whiteman

See Original Art Work by North State Artist Anne Whiteman! Click Here

This photo is of Anne Whiteman at the Anderson Fairgrounds. The art group decided to have a show and sale during another event being held there (a square dance competition). This is obviously a more casual event.

Most shows are held along with other events, such as the Red Bluff Fair, the Ice Cream Social held at the Kelly-Griegs Museum (a Victorian home), festivals and the like.

The Tehama County Arts Council holds formal shows at the Bear Flag Roasting Company coffee specialty shop on a regular basis. The artist is feted on opening night, then the works hang for about a month in the shop. It is always interesting and fun to attend.

The Arts Council is also working hard to turn the art deco State Theater into a theater for the arts. The old movie theater would then be used for many gala events, including plays and stage shows. Fundraisers have included a comedy act and an art auction and reception held in the old building. Donations are accepted for this worthwhile cause.

The Western National Fiddle Championships are held in Red Bluff in October; and the Monster Truck Rally occurs about the same time. In September the Tehama Fair is held, with artwork being displayed and judged.

Members meet weekly to paint together and to discuss their artwork. Oil, Acrylic and Water Color are the most used mediums, but some work with Charcoal and Pen and Ink and other forms. Those interested in joining may contact me.

One very special artist located in Red Bluff creates wooden merry-go-round horses. Bob Grootsveld does an exceptional work on these and has been featured on television programs. Each one is hollow, with a "time capsule" in it. The time capsule is paper, sometimes the Daily News, for example, with a note from Bob, so it will not rattle and cause someone to try to take apart the horse to find the noise. A true craftsman, he is "retired" but works on his horses every day and occasionally gives groups such as the Art Association a demonstration of his art.
(Follow up Note: Sadly, Bob died of cancer  in 2006. He will be very missed.)

Bob Groovesvelt at work


mexican holiday.jpg
Mexican Holiday

"Jesus" 1999
(one of many paintings that will eventually be placed here.)